Clubs on Bookum perfect the reading experience

By providing readers with a dynamic hub that removes the hassle of hosting an online book club. Bookum is packed with features like live audio podcasting (with friends), video conferencing, and Private or Public Clubs. Authors and Creators, monetize your exclusive communities through Membership Clubs.

Membership Clubs

Join the creator revolution with a Membership Club! As a creator, you have the incredible opportunity to cultivate and oversee your own vibrant community, offering exclusive content that members can subscribe to on a monthly basis.

Membership Club Hosts set their Club’s subscription rate upon creation, making it a flexible and tailored experience.

Membership Clubs in Bookum
Book Clubs in Bookum

Book Clubs

Discover your centralized, one-stop Book Club home on Bookum, where a vibrant community of book enthusiasts awaits your arrival! 

Bring your offline book club into the digital realm with our immersive and communal book club experience, seamlessly integrated into one platform. Explore a range of features, including private Nooks for cozy discussions, dynamic group chats for lively interactions, and seamless admin tools.