About our company

Bookum is a social networking app built to help book content creators, readers, and authors connect and discover more meaningful bookish conversations.


The mission behind Bookum

Bookum lies at the very heart of community and storytelling, a company that thrives on collaborating with visionary individuals who are deeply dedicated to breathing life into extraordinary stories and vibrant communities.

At Bookum, we look to create an environment of transparency, collaboration, and passion. We demand diversity in thought, story, and team as diversity creates a culture of well-rounded ideas.

Lastly, we look to host open dialogue amongst the larger book community and facilitate meaningful and captivating conversations.


Our values

As important as a story is, a story doesn't become important in this world without community. Community is the secret sauce of the bookish world and Bookum, as a platform, wholeheartedly embraces and serves this dynamic community to the highest degree. We will participate in the community online and in person; on our platform and off of it.

We will bring the stories to the community that they so richly deserve. At our core, we are a bookish company made by book lovers for book lovers.